Dodo Drunk

Apparently this bird lived on fermented fruits.


Oct wk4: Louie Jones - Platypus

platypus! one of my favorite animals :)

Jun wk3: Louie Jones - Corgi

waaaahhh, i haven't posted in forevers! but i just did this one for an upcoming art auction, and since it pertains to a past animal, i'll just go ahead and post'r up!

this here is my lil' corgi.

for more info on the purrcasso charity auction, click here!

my little platypus using the photo below. really a great and interesting animal!

October: More Mammals, Week 4: Platypus

The only mammal that lays eggs and they have venom!


Oct wk3: Jess Morris Skunk

Just a sketch this time...


Oct wk2: Jess Morris Walrus

FINALLY got around to doing one of these. I realized I am going to have to try harder to make time to draw, I really miss it!


October: More Mammals, Week 1: Rhinoceros

These guys have such a fun shape!


here I come again :) enjoy


Little Dragon

Hi I'm back happy to have time to draw again


So many interesting animals I nead to catch up :)
Enjoy and best regards


This is some old drawing of Baboon, I guess,  :)
I have just find it to be great for these site :)

OK i promised to make one finished drawing until the end of week well I had some spare time so I did it earlier :)  This character was done in 6 - 7 hours,  over three days. Hope you will enjoy it as I did drawing it. Best regards and see you around.


Turtle Vs Tuatara

August: Reptiles, Week 2:Turtle Vs August: Reptiles, Week 3 : Tuatara
while dozing off this concept popped in to my head so I rushed and got it down best as I can remember. I want to really go in and make these characters a lot more appealing, fix the layout and perspective just make it more dynamic overall. I want do a nice photoshop illo, so this will be another future piece to work on.
did this with Pental brush pen copic marker and water colour

As Tuatara strikes with all is might pulling his trump card, he has left himself wide open as Turtle gathers the energy from the universe and will deliver the end of this battle.
hello to everione I am new here so I will start with the sketch and at the end of the week I will post something that I regard as FINAL :)

These are some drawings that I did in lunch time. They are pritty rough because I tried to catch the pose atitude.
Best regards and see you soon.


September Week 2: Dolphin

Quick sketch in pencil, scanned into Photoshop with no frills fills. :)


September: Underwater Creatures, Week 3: Killer Whale


August Reptiles, week 1 Crocodile, Alligator

August Reptiles, week 1 Crocodile, Alligator. I will get around to doing a clean and more developed version in the future, used a steadler pen and water colour.
This alligator is a wanderer trying to find the reason for all the death and corruption in the Swamps of Africa


Jess Morris: Lost Drawings

Here are a couple of drawings that I scanned and kind of forgot about. Orangutan and the golden lion tamarin! Better late then never :)
Oh and this Rhino Beetle..