Old 2011 looks a little frumpy and grumpy, but he means well.



Just a little sumpthin' to share with anyone interested. 'Tis the season.......(P.S. Love the drama of Jared's "Naughty/Nice" cat theme....powerful lighting effect.)


Inspiration: Tutorials By Harry Hamernik

One of my instructors from the Art Institute, Harry Hamernik, has a really neat blog with various FREE tutorials. Everything from painting to caricatures to photoshop brush techniques. I thought I would pass on the word in case you needed some inspiration!


Naughty or Nice

Dewey and Daphne...
sometimes i can never tell witch cat did what when i was away.
and there are nights where Dewey looks Evil as hell.
(that is if you dont know him, cus he is the biggest scaredy-cat in the world!!!)



Apologies for not sticking directly to the "Naughty/Nice" theme, but this behavior of the last couple of weeks jerked my shorts. I think these things breed in parking lots.


Drawaholics Badge!

Add this badge to your own blog or website to help promote Drawaholics and what you have been involved in (or following)! (sample in the left column) Click on the pic to make it big, right click and save. If you have blogger go to 'Design', then 'Page Elements', 'Add Gadget', upload this pic, and then in the link slot put: www.drawaholics.blogspot.com. This way people can click on the badge and it will take them right here!

Last CHALLENGE of 2011: Naughty or Nice

Happy Holidays everyone! I hope 2011 is wrapping up beautifully for you all and maybe we can squeeze in one more Drawaholics drawing. How about.. Naughty or Nice!

We'll be starting 2012 with random topics again. If you think of any ideas for challenges please email me or comment here. Or even if there are just general areas you would like to explore more please let me know that too!

I was also wondering if the 'Friday Inspirations' is something you would like me to keep up as well. That is when I post up an inspiring blog, demo videos or a book I found helpful. Pretty much anything that might spark some inspiration! I would love to keep this up, but only if you find it helpful and worth checking out.

Thanks everyone for posting your beautiful drawings this year! Looking forward to your creations in 2012!


My Pet Monster

Yes going back trying to play catch up, its been to long, this is my pet Beat-o-puss



The nedless job hunt. :P

and i colored my Pet Monster from months ago... i know... im slow.