Jared: Aug, week 2: Turtle / week 3: Snake

did 2 in one again, damn this lazy streak also just took a photo of my sketchbook with my phone :P



Jess Morris: Frogs


CHALLENGE! August, week 2: Turtle

August 2013 week1: McFeet Toads vs Penguins vs Owls....

figured Ive not done this in a while so id bust out a quickie with 3 at ones :P Battletoads vs Penguins and Owls Enjoy...


August 2013 wk1: Louie Jones - Frog/Toad

wow, been a long time... here are a few quick frog/toad doodles, even managed to squeeze in one of my favorite characters from one of my favorite SNES games :3

Sabina K: Parrots

I love how colorful parrots are! :)


Greg Naud : Frog

The pose reminded me of a goal keeper. So yes.. frogs playing soccer in the forest with nuts.. :)


CHALLENGE! August, week 1: Frog/Toad

It's Reptiles/Amphibians month! First up: Frog and Toads!

Jess Morris: Penguins

FINALLY got around to sketching again... penguins are a fun way to get back into it!