Have you guys heard of the Character Design Shuffle App? I'm going to spin it every Monday and see what we get! Pick whatever categories spark some inspiration or try to integrate all the categories if you dare! Also feel free to just choose the animal. Can't wait to see what you all draw!


Animal Category Challenge! Mammals

Mammal (ex: platypus, marsupials, sloth, rabbit, beaver, squirrel, shrew, monkey, horse, rhino, giraffe, deer, elephant, pangolin, bear, otter, manatee, whale, dolphin)


Animal Category Challenge! Week 4: Birds

Birds (ex: kiwi, ostrich, duck, geese, swan, quail, penguin, albatross, pelican, hawk, eagle, crane, puffin, dove, pigeon, roadrunner, hummingbird, horn-bill, toucan, woodpecker, crow)


Animal Category Challenge! Week 3: Amphibian/Reptiles

Amphibian/Reptiles (A ex: salamander, newt, toad, tree frog, poison dart frog, R ex: sea turtle, pond turtle, python, cobra, rattlesnake, monitor lizard, Iguana, alligator, crocodile)


Animal Category Challenge! Week 2: Fish

Fish (ex: shark, eel, sardine, catfish, electric eel, salmon, angelfish, seahorse, rainbow trout, tuna)

Jess Morris: Invertebrate


Animal Category Challenge! Week 1: Invertebrates


(ex: sponges, jellyfish, beetles, crabs, spiders, snails, clam, starfish, sea urchin)


Jess Morris: Pets!

This is Reggie, named after Packer player Reggie White. I was a huge football fan in middle school when I got him :) He lived eight years, loved to whistle to Simpsons, play basketball and eat oranges.


CHALLENGE! January: Pets

And we're back! Happy 2017 everyone! Lets start off the year by drawing our pets. The pets you have now, pets you had as a kid or maybe even a pet you wish you had... whether it be because the stars never aligned to have it, or maybe it would be illegal to have as a pet or maybe it doesn't actually exist! Have fun!