Oct wk4: Louie Jones - Platypus

platypus! one of my favorite animals :)

Jun wk3: Louie Jones - Corgi

waaaahhh, i haven't posted in forevers! but i just did this one for an upcoming art auction, and since it pertains to a past animal, i'll just go ahead and post'r up!

this here is my lil' corgi.

for more info on the purrcasso charity auction, click here!

my little platypus using the photo below. really a great and interesting animal!

October: More Mammals, Week 4: Platypus

The only mammal that lays eggs and they have venom!


Oct wk3: Jess Morris Skunk

Just a sketch this time...


Oct wk2: Jess Morris Walrus

FINALLY got around to doing one of these. I realized I am going to have to try harder to make time to draw, I really miss it!


October: More Mammals, Week 1: Rhinoceros

These guys have such a fun shape!