May, Week 5: Construction Workers

This is not a subject I would have though up on my own for something I want to draw, but these photo's were passed around work and I found them incredibly inspiring!


Australian Doomsday Cult...Travel?

I just finished this one on the Australian version of that doomsday Cult in America that reckons the world will end today. If Australians thought the world was going to end, we'd probably be happy to have a day off work:) I thought I could shoe horn it into the new theme of travel:)


May, Week 3 + 4: Travel

Hi folks!
I am very sorry for being so late on this weeks topic. I was out of town and didn't have access to the internet world. Hence this weeks topic: Travel. This will be the topic for next week as well so you have more then a couple days and also time for any past ones you would like to catch up on. Great work everyone! Keep drawin!



April, Wk4: Jess Morris - April Showers

I couldn't resist :)

May wk1: Louie Jones - Cinco de Mayo

still playing catch-up. here's my cinco de mayo sketch!



Musical Inspiration (Jazz Diva)

Bit late but I found this in the visual diary and although I didnt do it specifically for this challenge, thought I'd put it up as I havent had time to post anything in a while...