Not entirely sure which critter is the would-be retriever.
You decide.

Bonus CHALLENGE! Neil Armstrong

Someone just made a good point to me this morning that Neil Armstrong would be a great challenge this week. I agree and can't believe I didn't think of it yesterday! Thanks for the idea and what a neat way to remember a man who marked an important moment in history.


Adventure Time with Mr. Krabs

It's a little late, but here is my Nickelodeon drawing. Hope you like it.


CAVEMAN drawings

This blog has some great subjects for drawing, to bad I don't have to much time to tackle them all
I use many of them for my everyday sketchbook so here are some takes on subject of caveman.
Hope you like it.

Keep the good work and great ideas :)

Tigercrab... finally!

Busy summer has kept me from contributing!  I finally got to the Tigercrab challenge.... *whew*.  Thanks Jess!


CHALLENGE! August, Week 3: Cavemen

(sorry posted late this week, was out of town with no reception)


Patrick the last airbender...

Hi all,

Thanks again Jess for inviting me to contribute to this blog. So here's a little sketch for the Nickelodeon Character challenge :)


... after the horse has bolted.

Can't believe how much Britain has got behind all the athletes. Two weeks ago it was, "Olympics, big deal." but now the whole country has gone nuts!!! Winning helps. It was mentioned on TV yesterday that we only won one gold in Atlanta, forgot that. How was that possible????? Can anyone beat Bolt later today I wonder.


Friday Inspiration!

Remember when we did the 'Disney behind the scenes' challenge? I came across Disasterland, which is an art show coming up by Rodolfo Loaiza. Check out his clever and hillarious pieces about Disney characters in adult situations!