Ryan Krason: Halloween 2

We'll I saw the thing coming out of the sky, it had one long horn and one big eye...

October: Jess Morris - Frank

I haven't used physical mediums in a very. long. time. So this was a lot of fun and reminded me how much I love to paint! Started with water color, with some gouache touch ups. About 4x3 in.


Ryan Krason: Halloween Creature/Monster

Ahhh the 90's... Does anyone recognize what cheese-tastic movie this guys from? I have no shame in admitting that I did in fact purchase this movie... AAANNNNNDDDDD it was in the $5 bin. Honestly, how could I not buy it?!?!


Ryan Krason: Hermit Crab

I always imagine hermit crabs as grouchy old men who are always seen cursing at everyone they come across while trying to escape their once desolate surroundings.


Ryan Krason: Rhinoceros (week 1)

In looking back at the challenges I've missed, I really wanted to do the rhino challenge. In fact, in one of my previous posts I mentioned it. Although this isn't Rocksteady from TMNT, I had a lot of fun with it. With this weeks challenge, I've found a new love for drawing with pens... cheap ones at that. Plus, I imagine I'm cranking out sketches faster without the time it takes to erase :)


Ryan Krason: Walrus

Been MIA for a while but found a little time at lunch to put this quick sketch together.