April, Week 4 & Disney Characters, off the set

Ive been bad at keeping up, so i'm posting 2 at one time, there quicker drawings then i would like but i need to catch up! so these be quickies. Bell walking the Beast,
My Sharkhog,

CHALLENGE: April, Week 4: Cinco de Mayo OR Avengers

This week is Cinco de Mayo, but if you are a fan of The Avengers feel free to do a piece inspired by them since that movie is released this week!


CHALLENGE! April, Week 4: Hedgehog + Shark =

Thanks Alessandro for your great challenge idea! These combination ones are so much fun! Please send in any your ideas and I will add them to the list!


Challenge: Flamingo + Squirrel = New Ride

Conjoining these two critters failed, but they came up with their own arrangement.  (Thought a little color would be interesting.)

Leon gittens Squirrel + Flamingo = Squirmingo


A Flaminguirrel

Good times. Don't think that neck could support that HUGE melon, but it was fun.


CHALLANGE! April, week 2: Spring Break

Please don't post until Friday!

Label: Spring Break, Your Name



I found inspiration with last weeks theme.  Who knows when I may stop.

Friday Inspiration

I am sorry I have missed posting so many friday inspirations. I am in middle of a big move and haven't had the time I usually do to browse through blogs and such to find inspiration to share with you all. This week how about you all share something that you find inspiring! Maybe a blog or a movie or a certain part in a book.. anything! Just comment here and check back to see what others post too!

Also, these animal mix challenges seem to be a favorite! I am going to try and make something like this more often. If you have any ideas please email them to me at jess.h.morris@gmail.com. Thanks!

Jess Morris: Squirrel + Flamingo = Squirmingo

Just had to do another one.  I dig the animal combinations


CHALLENGE! April, Week 1: Illustrate Something From Your Week

Illustrate, do a 1-4 panel comic, however you want to do it! Just share a moment that actually happened to you this week through art. Have fun!

Please don't post until Friday and label: Your Name, Real_Life

A cool example of this from Greg Dean:


Didn't have much time this week, but a fun one.  Thanks.