Baby of Frankenstein

Some brush pen on paper. The hair was fun to draw.


CHALLANGE! May, Week 4: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Snow White and the Huntsman opens this week so I thought I would be a great theme/challenge! Feel free to be inspired by this version, Disney or your own. Have fun!

While looking for images, I came across this video. Really fun style and I will never understand how people can ink like this!

Please don't post until Friday and label: Your Name, Snow White. Thanks!



Methinks the parents are wondering how they wound up with such an ugly kid.


CHALLENGE! May, Week 3: Baby Monsters

It can be literal.. a baby monster. Or a baby version of a famous monster, like Dracula OR someone you feel is a monster, like Patrick from American Psycho. The possibilities are endless! Have fun!!

Please don't post until Friday and label: Your Name, Baby Monster. Thanks!


May, week 2: Jess Morris - Polar Penguin

Quick paint sketch...

Fri... er, Saturday Inspiration: Painting Demo

I am sorry so many Fridays have gone by without an inspiration post! I am finally almost settled into my place and more importantly got my desk set up today! So inspiration posts are back and I'll do my best to make up for the past few weeks.

This digital panting demo, by Salvador Ramirez Madriz, caught my eye because first: the super cute character, and second: he does a piece like this in one to two hours! This was a nice reminder to me to not get hung up on a piece. Which is very easy to do! I also love how he applies the color almost painterly and his overall style of rendering. He does a great job bouncing the colors off of each other, which helps make everything fit together as nicely as it does. Enjoy!


Ties are required, but not tuxedos and shoes.


CHALLENGE! May, Week 2: Be Inspired By This Pic (Penguins and Bear)...

Please don't post until Friday, and label: Your Name, Inspiration Pic, Penguins and Bear. Thanks and have fun!!


mommy's day

Semi-quick portrait of my mom, for my mom. :3

Happy Mother's Day.


CHALLANGE! May, Week 1: Mommy's Day

Another holiday week! Happy day to our mothers in honor for all they have done for us :)

Please don't post until Friday and Label: Your Name, Mommys Day. Have fun!

cinco de miracle whip

My first post on this blog and it's a pun. I'm so sorry. xD
Inspired by this infuriatingly stupid ad campaign for a certain sandwich spread.