Old snail and Slug lady

It's my first post here so... hello everybody! :)


Friendly Neighborhood Spider.

Work was extremely boring today, but it did give me time to sketch out a spider. No idea what type, but would not like to find this guy in bed. Also, I came across this link a while back of amazing macro bug photography and found it really inspiring. http://www.thomasshahan.com/#photos  

CHALLENGE! March, week 3: Slug/Snail


Ryan Krason: Siau Island Tarsier

Couple weeks late, but as they say: "Hurry up and get your sh*t together." Planning on starting the next challenge tonight.


Jess Morris: Beetle

I did a 2hr paint on a Rhino Beetle I drew for that challenge from a couple years ago. SO out of practice... feels so foreign.

CHALLENGE! March, week 2: Spider


Jared: Gorilla / Squirrel Monkey

Ive been really bad lately with keeping up on the challenges :(  So i made a bigger effort to do some sketches while i was working on some other character designs. Ive been playing around with 30s rubber hose style and have been looking alot at McBess's work for reference. http://mcbess.com/illus.html  defiantly check out this stuff if you have not seen it before :)


Rhino Beetle

Here's a quick little rhino beetle I had time to draw this morning in-between bouts of a cranky 2 month old.


March, week 1: Beetle

It's insect month! Starting off with the beetle (any kind)...