Ryan Krason: Warthog

Got a little nostalgic on this one and went with a rendition of Bebop from TMNT. Can't wait for the rhino challenge in October to complete the set... though I may not be able to wait until then :)


Jess Morris: Elk

A super quick speed painting over lunch today. I hope I have time to give it a real pass! ...antlers are hard to draw!

CHALLENGE! January, week 5: Pig/Warthog


Elk Study

Not quite finished but it's a start.



It's often thought that Buffalo are stoic.  Maybe, but I tend to think they simply see themselves above the fray and just daydream a lot.

Not sure what these two are talking about, but think it has to do with their one time appearance on the nickel coin...probably debating which was really heads and which tails.


Camel, Goat & Cow

A Camel, a Goat & a Cow.  Two in crayon (while being moo'ed at :) and one in Charcoal.



Buffalo Study

Broke out the fancy pencils for this weeks challenge. It's not too often that I use more than one pencil for a drawing, but to get the contrast of the fur it was a must. I'm pretty happy with the results so I'll definitely keep those "other pencils" around for future challenges.



Little late on my camel drawing, but here it is. Also, just started playing around with some Prismacolor markers. Not too sure just how to go about using them. I guess i'm trying to use them more like water colors. Laying down a base and then just layering in. BUT any info or advice on how to use these markers would be awesome. Thanks!
Here are some buffalo studies and one illustration (did not have time to color it)


Billy Goat Finished

so here is the colour version, i hope to whip up my camel some time today
colour is not my best subject but this year want to colour a lot of my drawings

not sure if i should post here or edit my original post?


At the moment its snowing in Bosnia and Herzegovina and temperature is pretty cold, its around 0 Celsius, so I did enjoy drawing this illustration with all of these worm colors. Best regards and see you around.


Camel Study

This weeks challenge was brought to you by two glasses of scotch and some sultry jazz fronted by Eartha Kit. Oh yeah, and a more than necessary plethora of camel toe images provided by Google.

Hey whats up people. Happy New Year and best wishes for all of you all around the world.
Here are some of the sketchbook pages I have don on subject of a GOAT.
I love to draw animals so I guess I will be around :)

CHALLENGE! January, week 2: Camel


Mr. Ram's Different Occupations

Hi. Well, here are some rams holding down different jobs. First one being a conqueror of a small country. Second, a washer/dryer salesmen and a bounty hunter. I've also been watching a lot of Star Wars over the holidays so I think thats where some of this comes from. :)

CHALLENGE! January, week 1: Goat/Ram

work in progress
so since I started doing wushu it made sense to do a billy goat wushu master showing his goat palm technique


Goat Head

I was really trying to think of something comical that I could create in a cartoon but failed to find inspiration for such a drawing, so here's just the start to a head shot.