CHALLENGE! February, Week 4: The Artist

In honor of the Oscars winner for best picture, this weeks challenge is: The Artist. Be inspired how ever you want! Do a fan piece or maybe even just do a piece inspired by silent film in general - have fun!

Label: The_Artist, Your_Name

Please don't post until Friday!



Hoorah to Rango,  I really loved that film congrats to all involved 


Hansel_and_Gretel, Jim Brown

It's been a while. Thank you Jess for reminding me how fun it is to participate in Drawaholics. It's close enough to Friday right?


Challenge! February, week 3: Hansel and Gretel

Label: Hansel_and_Gretel, YourName

Please don't post until Friday!

February, Week 2: Cupid's Arrow

Hello! It is my 1st post here, I'm really happy to contribute this blog! Not really original for but... here is mine!



Friday Inspiration: Posebook

As artists we are always collecting reference and building libraries for anything we come across.. or at least I wish I was doing more of this! Well some one just made life a little bit easier for us artists! Steven Silver, a very talented and super nice character designer, came up with an application called Posebook.

The purpose of this book is to provide you with images to inspire you. A book dedicated to help guide every artist, to learn about, construction, form, balance anatomy, proportion, folds in clothing, gesture, silhouettes, portraiture, lighting, hands, perspective, and contrast. 

Two catches though.. There is a male and female version at $9.99 each, so it does cost some money. And the second thing is it only works on the iphone, ipad or android at the moment. Maybe it will be available in more formats soon? Anyways, I am in no way attached to Silver, so not trying to sell his product for him... but I do think this is a really neat reference to have and one I will be getting for sure!

February wk2: Louie Jones - Cupid's Arrow

no cupids or arrows here either, but it is a valentine - inspired by the old mickey mouse title cards

CUPID'S ARROW; Uhhh, not Cupid, & not arrow.

Okay, I'm fudging a bit. I sent this to friends and tolerant acquaintences for Valentine's greets. I know it's a little goopy, but that's me. I'd expanded the base a bit so I could embed text; it's cut down here. My color stuff isn't as cool as what all you do. But 'tis what it is...


CHALLENGE! February, Week 2: Cupid's Arrow

I don't know how I forgot today is Valentines day! Keep your Hansel and Gretel drawings, I'll make that the topic for next week. Sorry for any confusion! 

Label: Cupids_Arrow, YourName

Please don't post until Friday!

February, Wk 1: Leon Gittens - Render Child's Drawing

This was a really fun challenge, I'm about to force my kids to draw for me so i have more to paint

Bunnys in Dante's Inferno

i must post so i can sleep, the time has come for me to count sheep, i fear the nearing of the morning bell, the Bunnys were fine til i ran outta wine, and then it all just went to hell...


First time post

I just started playing and began to feel the bunnies like weird little lawn gnomes, old and decaying. Originally I was going to put fire and brimstone behind them, but then realized I was subconsciously copying the example image, so I moved them to a peaceful outdoor meadow of some kind under a soft purple sky (lame gradient tool) Then I decided to add the green lights inside for funsies.


CHALLENGE! February, Week 1: Render This Child's Drawing

One of my co-workers, Tom Gibbons, has two very talented daughters, Harper and Tucker. They draw the most interesting pictures and write very creative stories! This week lets take one of Harper's drawings and render it. This challenge is inspired by Dave Devries and his blog,The Monster Engine. Here is an example, and you can find more examples at his SITE.

And HERE is the drawing we shall render:

Have fun! And thanks Harper for supplying us with this awesome bunny picture!

(if you have a child/niece/nephew, feel free to use one of their drawings instead.)

Tucker's Dragon Hat

only had an hour, to draw my little flower, who only wanted a cuddly little cat, but daddy gave her a Dragon for a hat..... instead


JANUARY DRAGON, with friends.

My dragon started toward Drawaholics, then got hijacked for other purposes. But she's here now. Her name's Francesca.

January, Wk 5: Alessandro Chirico - Dragon

Here is my quick sketch!!

Friday Inspiration: More Drawing Demo's

The guys at Creaturebox are amazing artists! Check out their demo's..

Even more HERE!