April: Felidae, Week 1: Lions

(new animal will be posted up Monday April 5)



inspired by artwork from Alice in Wonderland


March: Insects, Week 4: Caterpillar/Moth/Butterfly

Less specific this week. Draw any caterpillar/moth/butterfly that inspires you!

(new critter will be posted up Monday March 29th)


Two more late ones...

a more recent rhino beetle and...

a zebra..

Wasp week 3

did not com eout the way i liked it, but that's why I'm practicing


What would I do with all those legs? let at least two feet dangle, reading a book, slurping a drink scratching my belly at the same time.


Animal Dump

I've been watching this blog for a bit, but finally my itching hands overcame me. I started late so I'm trying to catch up by doing one a day. Hopefully I'll get them all over the next week. Here's my first batch.


March week 2: Rhinoceros Beetle

I'm a week behind....trying to catch up.


March Week 3: Wasps

GAAhhhhh.... Wasp the deal with all those legs?

March: Insects, Week 3: Wasp

(new critter will be posted up Monday March 22th)

March week 2: Rhinoceros Beetle

hello this is my first post, I'm a Animation Mentor student and I'm trying to draw as much as possible. This is made in Painter, usually I work with Photoshop but I want to learn Painter and I must say that I really like this program :).


March week 2 Rhinoceros Beetle

tablet pc quick sketch not to happy with it but this will force me to practice more



there are a couple i really want to go back and draw from still, like the pastel faced monkey aliens. and those are perfect for class this week too so maybe tonight


March: Insects, Week 2: Rhinoceros Beetle

(new critter will be posted up Monday March 15th)


New and a Little Late

Will post quicker in the future. This is Jackie.


Week 1 Praying Mantis

Hello fellow artists, this is my first post on this blog my name is Leon, I am a inspiring animator, that has been on the computer for too long, so I'm trying to get back into the swing of things and I just miss good old paper. Did this sketch using green pencil and Japanese Pentel brush pen


March: Insects, Week 1: Praying Mantis

Onto insects! Be sure to explore the different kinds and also how they look when they are in defense mode! They open up these butterfly like wings and look like they are dancing. It's fantastic!

(new animal will be posted up Monday March 8th)