March, Week 4: Tania Sandroni - My Pet Monster

Hello to everybody! I'm new to this blog and I would like to start posting with a drawing for an old challenge.
I would like to tell you that this is a great blog and I hope to post soon some other drawings!
Here is My Pet Monster!!


CHALLENGE! August, Week 4: Mother Nature

Conan O'Brien the barbarian

I've read the novels, I've read the comics, I saw the films, I bought the soundtrack albums... I kinda like Mr C. Barbarian, and it's that bloke from Game of Thrones! I didn't realise. How good's that?



August wk1: Louie Jones - Real Life Toons

fiiiiiinally, another submission - i went for Dexter, from Dexter's Laboratory. might try to give him a legit color pass later on, might not :P could also be fun expanding the image to see his whole body

August, Week 1: Jess Morris - Real Life Toons

I can't decide which one to finish.. What do you guys think?


CHALLENGE - August, Week 1: Real Life Toons

So this week's challenge is taking a 2D/line drawn character such as Bugs Bunny or Peter Griffin and make them exist in real life. You can take it as realistic as you want! Just have fun! Here are some samples:

Mario + Luigi

by (can't find artists name)

Captain America meets...

Captain "America" rolls off the tongue quite nicely but I'm not so sure about captain... what's his face!!!