March wk5: Louie Jones - Carnies (American Carny)

laid out a sketch for my carnies - based off the classic painting American Gothic - this definitely leans more on the sideshow carny world, featuring a scruffily bearded woman and a pint-size strongman perhaps? i definitely plan on taking this to a more final stage.

Update: replaced with updated linework


March, Week 5: Carnies, Raymond Betancourt

Here’s my take on an old time carnie…the kind you might see in a movie yelling “See the show for just one dime, just one tenth of a dollar!”


March wk4: Louie Jones - My Pet Monster v.2

i'm pretty surprised that i was able to find time, or even motivation, to get it colored up this week - but i did it! so here's my same pet monster with a lil' color treatment! (still no name)

My pet Monster : Jared

Hello all,
My name is Jared and this be my fist post! Thank you Jess for inviting me :D
So this be my little pet giving me some lubbings.
Its been a while sense ive drawn much but I hope to keep up a good healthy habit of a drawing a week.
So I don’t know if ppl normally post the progression of there work but I thought I would for this fist post. I stared with a thumb nail on a posted note, then did a rough drawing scanned it and did the clean lines in Photoshop.
Not sure if I will color this guy later on or not. Only time will tell.


March wk4: Louie Jones - My Pet Monster

yaaaaaaaaaaay! i'm glad to see this place up and runnin' again (even though my participation was minimal to say the least :P) hopefully that can change this time around!

here's my pet monster. i wanted to put his (her?) name on the bowl but i couldn't decide on a name, jess suggested tootsie :) i like where this one went, so maybe i can get to finalizing it later in the week!

on a side note, i doodled this up on my new toy - the asus eee slate ep121 - first tablet to have a legitimate wacom digitizer (to my knowledge)! it.is.soooo.nice :3 check it out here if you don't know what it is:


looking forward to seeing some more submissions!!!



Here is another take on the current theme. Been working up thumbnails and hope to do a colour version if I get time.

My pet monster: Lil' Bone Eater

Hi everyone, my name is Ray. I'm also new here, thanks to Jess for letting me join in!


Hi my name is...

...Urbanmonk and I am new here:) Here is my pet monster with a political theme. Its the latest celebrity dictator, Muammar Gaddafi. Well, hes not my pet monster, but Im sure he is somebody's pet monster. The CIA perhaps?

Dinneh Time.

I don't have a scanner at the moment but I got all excited and finished this tonight so needed to post picture of drawing instead. I cheated cause I already created this creature in puppet form and just sketched the finished project thats hanging in my room.

doesn't actually function as a puppet. Just cute.

My Pet Monster

hey guys, lets kick this off as active as we can. i did this thumbnail at lunch today to get my idea out so i dont forget


CHALLENGE! March, Week 4: My Pet Monster

The drawaholics blog is back up and running! ..So whats new? All challenges will now be random, not animals-only, in hopes to appeal to a wider range of artists. I have also given the blog a small make-over along with some tabs. Under one of the tabs I have started a collection of references and inspirations. If you have anything you would like to add to this section let me know and I will happily add it!

I hope you have fun with this challenge! New one will be posted up every Monday.


Should we continue?

I finally did my parrot for July week 4... 2010. Better late then never?

I also wanted to post and say even though this blog kind of fell apart towards the end of the year of 2010 - everyone did amazing! It's really fun scrolling through and seeing all the takes on each animal - AND seeing improvement through out the year! I am really sad this blog died. I would like to get it going again, but I need your help! Is there anyone out there that is still interested in participating? We have lots of 'drawaholics' but not too many people participated - especially towards the end of last year. What would make this more appealing to you? What do you think would make this blog more successful? I am always open to thoughts and ideas!

So what do you think? Should we keep the animal theme going? Keep the months the same type, but switch up the animal of the week? Or maybe switch to humans and do anatomy studies every week? Or maybe we can do completely random themes? For example, one week - draw one of your favorite characters from a show you watch? Or if you were a Flintstone character, how would you look?... If an alligator and a bunny had a baby..

What do you think?? :) If anyone out there still looks at this blog, now is the time to speak up! Please leave a comment! Even if you don't participate, but enjoy checking in on the art - let us know! I would love to see this going again!