Should we continue?

I finally did my parrot for July week 4... 2010. Better late then never?

I also wanted to post and say even though this blog kind of fell apart towards the end of the year of 2010 - everyone did amazing! It's really fun scrolling through and seeing all the takes on each animal - AND seeing improvement through out the year! I am really sad this blog died. I would like to get it going again, but I need your help! Is there anyone out there that is still interested in participating? We have lots of 'drawaholics' but not too many people participated - especially towards the end of last year. What would make this more appealing to you? What do you think would make this blog more successful? I am always open to thoughts and ideas!

So what do you think? Should we keep the animal theme going? Keep the months the same type, but switch up the animal of the week? Or maybe switch to humans and do anatomy studies every week? Or maybe we can do completely random themes? For example, one week - draw one of your favorite characters from a show you watch? Or if you were a Flintstone character, how would you look?... If an alligator and a bunny had a baby..

What do you think?? :) If anyone out there still looks at this blog, now is the time to speak up! Please leave a comment! Even if you don't participate, but enjoy checking in on the art - let us know! I would love to see this going again!


gavin rich said...

whooa its been so long. i love your bird jess, he looks so bashful.

as for the blog we should TOTALLY keep it going. i like the idea of keeping the animal theme, but we could put a twist on it like your later suggestions. maybe have a group of animals you can pick from each month, and for each week we do one in a theme? so week one, pick an insect and draw it in a flinstones world, week 2 draw yourself as a bug, week 3 combine an insect and another animal. week 4 make a hipster beetle

thoughts and comments?

Edin_Durmisevic said...

This cite should definitely keep going.
I like all the ideas that you suggested.
My main concern is always been time that I don't have a lot lately.

But I thing that its just one bad excuse for not being drawaholic :)

I am ready to give my best to save this great project we have here.

So best luck and I will give my best to come around once a week with drawing :)

urbanmonk said...

well i left a comment wanting to join, so Ill let the old hands figure it out and then decide. But I would like to participate as Im trying to develop..

Louieville said...

keep going keep going keep going. i'm procrastinaTOR #1, but i'd still like to see this thing alive with the potential to grow.

i'm for some more randomness, it might help to draw more people in, that perhaps would shy away from the animal-only atmosphere. but i think we should still keep to themes within a month, and again just vary the weekly subject within those monthly-themes. i think there's room for animals and non alike :)