March wk4: Louie Jones - My Pet Monster

yaaaaaaaaaaay! i'm glad to see this place up and runnin' again (even though my participation was minimal to say the least :P) hopefully that can change this time around!

here's my pet monster. i wanted to put his (her?) name on the bowl but i couldn't decide on a name, jess suggested tootsie :) i like where this one went, so maybe i can get to finalizing it later in the week!

on a side note, i doodled this up on my new toy - the asus eee slate ep121 - first tablet to have a legitimate wacom digitizer (to my knowledge)! it.is.soooo.nice :3 check it out here if you don't know what it is:


looking forward to seeing some more submissions!!!


Raymond Betancourt said...

I like the expression on it's face.

Louieville said...

thanks raymond :)

Jess Morris said...

This is so great, I love it! I especially love how his design has such a nice flow to it. Really nice! I can't wait to see this piece in color!

..I can see the story behind this being this woman is a crazy cat lady that pulled this monster in thinking it was just an odd kitty that needed saving.

Jared said...

oooH nice one louie!
really like how hes being purposely bad :)
hehe and for some reason i really did the lady's feet :P

Louieville said...

why would you do her feet?! they're.. oooold ;P (i knew you had a foot fetish)

thanks dude!