April, Week 4: April Showers-Raymond Betancourt

The Easter Bunny is not all that fond of April showers.


April, Week 3: Jess Morris - The 80s

The 80s for me was all about getting the perfect side pony tail, the Goonies and showing my little sister how to properly play with all of my toys. I have a couple more things I would like to do with this; more toys, New Kids on the Blocks poster, finalize the lines.. but I figured I should post what I have and make an attempt to catching up on some weeks I have missed!

CHALLENGE! April, Week 4: April Showers

I have to apologize for missing a couple really great potential themes last week.. This week lets acknowledge the last week of april with the theme: april showers!


April wk1: Louie Jones - Musical Inspiration

falling a little behind, but i'm starting to play catch up now. here's my musical inspiration. i was originally going to redo the Let it Be album cover in the fashion of Gorillaz' Demon Days, but ended up just turning in to a profile line up ;P




A Day At The Zoo

This is what I immediately thought of when I read the title. :)


My monster pet

Question is who is the monster :)


Day at the Zoo: Gavin

haha, i did this after i went to the zoo a little while back. my old roomate has a bulldog we affectionately call the hippo


Day at the Zoo: Raymond Betancourt

Just a glimpse at an old family photo album.



You Can Learn A Lot From Lydia

Updated Lydia with muppet blush and everything.



March wk5: Louie Jones - Carnies (American Carny) v.2

not the week three submission, but i actually took some time to paint up last week's carny sketch. it's been a good long while since i've attempted to go this extensive with the painting. it feels good to get my digital brush wet again ;P - i decided to keep it black and white, give it a more era-appropriate feel (and man is it nice only worrying about tone and not having to deal with that whole, COLOR thing, haha)

i definitely won't be taking all the submissions this far, but hopefully i can keep it up with a few of 'em..

April, Week 1: Jess Morris - Musical Inspiration


Carnies : Jared

ok so i just drew up these 2 carnies. Just thought of something simple like some odd ppl with nothing to special about them, a creepy guy waring swimming gear and a snake lady. not sure if i will do much more to this drawing cus i dont know were i want to go with it :P


Carny Romance

So Im not to sure what the etiquette is on this blog with regard to posts, but I have this tendency to be pretty short, sharp and not overly enthused with too much polishing:) So slap me upside the head (virtually speaking) if I overstep the mark:) But here is another take on the carny romance theme that seems to be emerging...

The Proposal

Here's my effort.