April wk1: Louie Jones - Musical Inspiration

falling a little behind, but i'm starting to play catch up now. here's my musical inspiration. i was originally going to redo the Let it Be album cover in the fashion of Gorillaz' Demon Days, but ended up just turning in to a profile line up ;P



lauren carney said...

hello fancy pants,
just wanted to do a drive by and let you know -
your blog is all kinds of lovely!
That is all. exohexoh

Jess Morris said...

I love how you characterized all of them! And I kind of like them in a line.. you never imagine guys like these waiting in line for anything. I can't wait to see this all cleaned up! (their noses are my favorite part :P)

Mycroft said...

как прелестно нарисовано! это ваш рисунок? если да, то это очень талантливо:)
я обожаю The Beatles)

Louieville said...

thanks everyone! i hope i can get around to cleaning these up and giving them a little color eventually.

i also adore the beatles, obviously ;D

Lady Arwen of the Silver Rose said...

Love this one.