April: Felidae, Week 5: Lynx

Here you go Jess just for you
the below image of the Cheetah is a experiment using textures and simple lines


April: Felidae, Week 5: Lynx

(new animal will be posted up Monday May 3)


Panther that is positively... black

Went for the 4th idea I came up with, 2nd choice would have been a panther desperately trying to hide in a snow storm!


Here Kitty, Kitty, Kitty...

Better late than never I guess. Been meaning to post this but alas, life intervenes. Hope you like it.



Sorry about the delay. It's been Independence Day here in Israel and we celebrated all over this place!


April: Felidae, Week 4: Black Panther

(new animal will be posted up Monday April 26)

Forget something?

It is a little known fact that cheetahs can reach speeds in excess of Mach 2. In fact one cheetah known to a local African tribe as, Zippy, once reached Mach 2... and a little bit! Amazing animals indeed although totally fictitious as they don't exist at all.


catching a move in Painter


April felidae week 3 cheetah

Japanese Pentel Brush pen, Copic Markers


Brandon's Cat

Sorry I haven't been more active... here's a cat!


Week 2: Domestic House Cat

What's domestic cat week without our favourite evil feline!?


April: Felidae, Week 3: Cheetah

(new animal will be posted up Monday April 19)

Cat face

My first post here!


Pussy Galore!

Groucho Marx once said, he wouldn't want to be member of any club that would have him as a member...but with this being my first post I can say that I'm very much happy to join your ranks. (sorry, I'm British, I ramble!!)


Very Very Late

But I haven't had access to a scanner in a while.
When I saw the original picture it looked like the mantis was in a "hands under chin" pose from one of those glamour shots studios. So this is what I made.



April: Felidae, Week 2: Domestic Cat

...take your pick!

(new animal will be posted up Monday April 12)

Quick sketch of a lions head inspired by Preston Blair. the next 6 month my drawing are going to be "low budget"like this cause I need all my time for Animation Mentor.


April Week 1 lion

I had fun doing this one, using my number one weapon the Japanese Pental brush pen