April: Felidae, Week 2: Domestic Cat

...take your pick!

(new animal will be posted up Monday April 12)


Des Campbell said...

Hi, Jess. Stumbled across this blog yesterday and thought I'd have some fun with it from over here in Old Blighty!! Always liked drawing animals especially horses [as long as they have jockeys on them!] would appreciate an invite if my comments have gained favour.


Yair M. said...

Hi Jess.

I found out about this cool little blog a while ago. Please send me an invite so I can post some stuff of my own.

Jess Morris said...

Hi Yair! What's your email? I think I have it, but I just want to make sure its the right one. It will be great to see your work on here! Welcome!

Yair M. said...

Oh yeah. It's yair_mor[at]yahoo.com