Friday Inspiration: Caricature Video Demo's

Whenever I am going to do a caricature I  jump over to Joe Bluhm's YouTube pages to get inspiration. I love his approach and how he talks through would he is doing. Check them out if you are looking for some inspiration!



July, Week 2: Jess Morris - Harry Potter

There are so many interesting characters in this series, but Hagrid is the one that has the most interesting shape to me and so much personality. I wanted to do a face study first and hopefully next to a full body one more characterized. With his pink umbrella and Fang of course!

July, Week 3: Captain America

Another good movie comes out this week, so lets do a tribute!


Friday Inspiration: Digital Painting Tutorial

I am starting something new and posting weekly inspirations. If you come across something that inspires you, please send me a link and I'll post it up a following week. Thanks for playing!

Digital Painting Tutorial
By Kevin Keele
Check it out at his blog!



June, Week 3: Jess Morris - Game of Thrones

FINALLY got around to doing a drawaholics post. The last couple weekends have been full of freelance work. I hope to do more sketches from Game of Thrones since there are so many interesting characters.. such a great show!

July, Week 2: Harry Potter

Anyone else going to see the midnight showing this thursday? I can't wait! Will be such a bitter sweet moment..


Hare-py 4th of July!

I drew this on my blog for Independence Day. For some reason that I can't remember, I decided to make July Rabbit month with some "Hare raising Tails", which is just me writing something random and absurd. (The spirit of Monty Python lives on!)


Wrong character, Mr Perlman!

To be honest I've never seen the series but I have seen the promos on FX. There's only so many hours in the day and as much as I'd like to watch them all I can't. Plus, I've got a soft spot for Poirot re-runs!!! I like switching from Dexter to Poirot, such a contrast !!!