Week 5: Dragon

its fun to just go nuts with black and lines :P
i use to love working with Ink... way back in the day. now im a slave to "control Z" and dare not touch real ink...


Little Dragon

CHALLENGE! January, Week 5: Dragon

Last weekend was Chinese New Year and its year of the dragon! So dragon it is, have fun!



can't fetch a stick, can't do a trick, to scared to git ya fer their kiddies, their soft but scaly and a little bit greasy..

Friday Inspiration: Portrait of a Goblin

I love watching how people draw and their approach. I came across this demo by Joshua Middleton and thought you all might enjoy it! My favorite demo's are Joe Bluhm's which I posted about last year. If you haven't seen them, definitely check them out! He talks through what he is doing and is very inspirational! This one is a great demo on a nice finished piece done simply. We don't always have to spend hours and hours to get a 'finished' piece. Please comment and share any demo's you know of and enjoy!


Had trouble with this one. Couldn't get past the idea of the 'gator sitting there with a satisfied grin as he picked his teeth; no pug in sight...just its collar. But keeping with the theme....here are a couple of thoughts. (Fixed ears...sorta, kinda...)


Week 4: Pug Alligator

had fun with this so i did 2 :)
might color them later dono.

Jan. Week 4 Pugligator - Johnny Turco


Week 1 challenge

Yes I am so behind, playing catch up this was my unfinished idea

The CHALLENGE: An optimist stays up until midnight to see the New Year in. A pessimist stays up to make sure the old year leaves. - Bill Vaughn


CHALLENGE! January, Week 4: Pug + Alligator =

If a pug...
and and alligator...
got together...


Friday Inspiration: Where Good Idea's Come From

I love TED talks and this is an oldie, but a goodie. Enjoy!

Week 3: Draw Inside These Shapes


WEEK 3: Creations within shapes

Here's my meager trial. Jess, this probably takes up more room than it should so please take part or all of it down when you think appropriate. Thanks. Enjoyed it. The odd one, difficult to comprehend, is a mask side view.


Week 3: Draw Inside These Shapes

Great subject for drawing. Enjoyed it all the way :)


Week 2: Kids...New Game....SOCCIM

Whew! Time's getting away from me, I'm still puttering around back on week 2. Here's a neighborhood girl playing her new ball game called SOCCIM. (Uhhhhh....I can just hear it....)

Week 3: Draw Inside These Shapes

This is the first thing that popped in my head... why... i don't know!

My Pet

Erin and I brought our cats together over x-mass and have left them together to get used to each other. Dewey & Daphne my cats and Luke & Lotty Erin's cats. took a while but mostly they get along. but the 2 girls kinda hate each other Daphne and lottie. so this is how it is alot of times... little hissing standoffs and the occasional chase :P
Thus i have the boys looking at the girls and taking bets on how will win.

Dewey top Left
Luke top Right
Lotty bottom Left
Daphne bottom Right

New Year's Eve Quote Colored

Ok i had to get this one done so its only 2 tones and soft :P no time to color it all fancy :P

CHALLENGE! January, Week 3: Draw Inside These Shapes

I always thought this was a neat challenge, so.. I knocked off the idea so we can do it here! Most people tend to do faces, but do what you want! Go crazy!


Friday Inspiration: Rad How To

Rad is a storyboard artist and Dreamworks and I have been following his blog for quite sometime. He posts his own 'how to's' on many drawing techniques and tips. I find all of his posts very helpful and I thought you would too! A couple of my favorite posts are: "S" Curves, Gesture, Front vs. Back, and Drawing Thought Process.


January Week2: My pet

Hi guys! Here is my sketch and my first post here!!
I always wanted to have a salamander when i was a kid...

Thank you Jess for allowing me to draw with you guys!


New Year's Eve Quote : Get the HELL outta my house!

Ok I'm falling behind so I'm posting a W.I.P
My new years eve quote is "Get the HELL outta my house!"

CHALLENGE! January, Week 2: Your kids or pets.

..or if you don't have kids or pets, then be inspired by someone else's or draw a pet you wish you had. They are fun and playful subjects, so hopefully this will be a fun week!

Mythical animals : mermaid



Here's my meager attempt at portraying hands and fingers. Always a serious challenge. Getting them to do what I want and look like it, I mean. I cleaned 'em up a little from the original sketch.


Friday Inspiration: Drawing Hands

Hands are the hardest part for me to draw and often the missing part to calling many of my drawings 'finished'. Best way to get over a fear is to conquer it, right? Well here are some resources that I found helpful and I hope you do too! Please comment with any hand resources you know of!

Toby Shelton: I've Got to Hand it to You

Joumana Medlej: Drawing Hands

Ron Lemen: Drawing the Human Hand

Draw In Black: List of several hand resources (I haven't had time to check them all out, let me know if you find any gold in there!)

(this is an image from Toby Shelton)


First CHALLENGE of 2012: New Year's Eve Quote

Happy New Year Drawaholic's! I don't know about you all, but one of my new year's resolutions is to draw more. So lets start this year off right!

The CHALLENGE: An optimist stays up until midnight to see the New Year in. A pessimist stays up to make sure the old year leaves. - Bill Vaughn

You can use this quote as a caption or simply as inspiration for your drawing. No rules, do with it as you please!


New Year To all

Happy new year to all, ready for a good year of new draw-a-holics challenges, and hope all have a successful year