New Year's Eve Quote : Get the HELL outta my house!

Ok I'm falling behind so I'm posting a W.I.P
My new years eve quote is "Get the HELL outta my house!"


Louieville said...

hahaha, niiiiice!

of course jared would force the year out at gun point..

this coming along nicely! can't wait to see it rendered!

Jess Morris said...

I think this is awesome as a line art piece as well :) I love the simplicity of the door just being a rectangle and no other environment. That baby is too cute :) and your line quality and flow is feeling so nice! Another awesome piece Jared!!

Jared said...

thanks guys! was a fun one, a bit of a cheat tho... cus originally 2012 was a woman i was holding. but i could not for the life of me get the pose i wanted, then when i did i could not figure out what to have her wear. so i put in the baby cus... its easier to draw and kinda made more scene for the new year to be a baby.
it will take me a while to color it as always. but ill be sure to post!