My Pet

Erin and I brought our cats together over x-mass and have left them together to get used to each other. Dewey & Daphne my cats and Luke & Lotty Erin's cats. took a while but mostly they get along. but the 2 girls kinda hate each other Daphne and lottie. so this is how it is alot of times... little hissing standoffs and the occasional chase :P
Thus i have the boys looking at the girls and taking bets on how will win.

Dewey top Left
Luke top Right
Lotty bottom Left
Daphne bottom Right


Jess Morris said...

Haha! This is great! I love the cat poses, especially Lotty! Looks awesome with the stripes too!

Really nice pieces lately! I'll be playing catch up soon :)

Jared said...

it was a fun one!!!
i have lots of photos and videos of them fighting playing. I hope to get much more cat action ;)

Kent said...

Very nice action. I think I'd keep a pretty close eye on that Dewey. Looks like he's the booky.

Alex said...

Hi Jared, i really like the poses of fighting cats!