March, Week 3 Hunger Games, Katniss and Rue

I'm a bit late but.... here it is!



Jess Morris: Disney Characters, off the set.

...a little late and unfinished, but it's the best I can do with as busy as I have been! And I just realized the drinks are missing from the sketch so it's not so obvious yet that they are at a bar. Hook and Tink throwing one back :)


CHALLENGE! March, Week 4: Flamingo + Squirrel =


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CHALLENGE! March, Week 3: Hunger Games

Hunger Games was my favorite book series of last year, so in honor of the movie coming out this week I have to make this the challenge of the week. If you haven't read the books I am very sorry if this topic doesn't interest you.. I hope it can though! Try google'ing 'hunger games' images and wiki the books summary to get an idea of what this series is about. A lot of really interesting characters! Some are almost Dr. Seuss-ish and others are very rugged. More so then they should be for their age.. all with different survival tactics and talents!

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NOW ST. PATRICK'S DAY Green Beer With a Prize.

ST. PAT'S DAY...But first there's ST. URHO'S DAY.

Don't want to spoil the 'green' fun, but some dem norder folken reminded me of their important celebration happening the day before ol' Patrick...and so I share a reminder here. Heh, heh.
Attempt at Miller's Crossing reference with Irish Gangster as Leprechaun = meh.


Happy Saint Patrick's Day!


Hmmm. Not much good at copying since I tend to operate relative to my own personal muse. These would look a bunch better in color, but that probably won't happen. Figured if they were engaged in an off-stage card game, they'd still remain pretty much in character.
(Still chuckling over Mr. Brown's tree-perched "Tarzan.")


CHALLENGE! March, Week 2: St. Patrick's Day

The Irish, leprechauns, shamrocks, parades and green beer... It's St. Patrick's Day (week) folks and that is the challenge! Have fun!

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Disney off set

Baloo is getting a bit more than the bear necessities these days.
Tigger with a little less bounce in him.  I concur with Mr. Brown.  Very fun challenge.  Thanks!

Friday Inspiration: Collection of Animated Lines

An amazing blog that one of our fellow drawaholics, Jim Brown, shared with us at work this week: http://livlily.blogspot.com/ I thought this would be a perfect inspiration this week given the challenge! All of it is worth a look or watch, but if you go to the Production Art tab, there are tons of model sheets that will definitely help with your disney inspired drawing this week! This is an easy site to get lost in, enjoy!


Disney Off Set: Way off set

This challenge was so fun I had to do two drawings; "Alice Gone Mad" and "Old Tarzan".


CHALLENGE! March, Week 1: Disney Characters, off the set.

What are those Disney Characters REALLY like off the set? Or what are they doing these days after retirement?

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THE ARTIST: February, Week 4

Interesting challenge. "Deux" is my offering in a style reminiscent of a popular high-style cartoon of (I think) the late 1920's thru mid 1930's. Don't have the name of the original artist. Mine isn't as slick as the originals. Looking forward to seeing what shows up this time.