Current challenge is, "LABOR," a theme foreign to my nature. Lots of connections, but ants, being the ambitious critters they are, seemed appropriate. I'm not seeing other posts, so shall refrain for awhile in the hope we'll see others' creations up here.


Funny Feet and Swollen Horn

While reviewing past challenges I became intrigued by the "Pet Monsters" theme. As usual, it wasn't long before I wandered off track. I'm now developing these characters for a gag panel which I'll probably publish next week on my website. Meanwhile, here they are.


My name's Kent and I'm a Drawaholic with no desire to be cured. This is my first blog---ever---and my first time here, so hope I don't screw it up too badly. Thank you, Jess, for the invitation to play in this wonderfully rich site.

My initial submission started with serious intent to study the wonderful info about Crocodile characteristics, but as usual I got distracted. "Alligator shoes" came to mind...

I'm lost.