Funny Feet and Swollen Horn

While reviewing past challenges I became intrigued by the "Pet Monsters" theme. As usual, it wasn't long before I wandered off track. I'm now developing these characters for a gag panel which I'll probably publish next week on my website. Meanwhile, here they are.


Jess Morris said...

Welcome Kent and thanks for keeping this blog alive! Hopefully some of us will be able to come play soon! I love your first posts and the character within them.I am especially liking the relationship between the guy and the rhino. Seems like they have a disagreement :)

Kent said...

I just do 'em and try not to overthink 'em, but the oddball rhino character is definitely miffed about why he's called a "monster", as well as having an exaggerated belief in the size of his horn. And, thanks for the welcome. I'm tickled to participate.

Tania said...

I like the shape of the men and his proportion, the situation makes me think about something funny ^^ !!!