Old 2011 looks a little frumpy and grumpy, but he means well.



Just a little sumpthin' to share with anyone interested. 'Tis the season.......(P.S. Love the drama of Jared's "Naughty/Nice" cat theme....powerful lighting effect.)


Inspiration: Tutorials By Harry Hamernik

One of my instructors from the Art Institute, Harry Hamernik, has a really neat blog with various FREE tutorials. Everything from painting to caricatures to photoshop brush techniques. I thought I would pass on the word in case you needed some inspiration!


Naughty or Nice

Dewey and Daphne...
sometimes i can never tell witch cat did what when i was away.
and there are nights where Dewey looks Evil as hell.
(that is if you dont know him, cus he is the biggest scaredy-cat in the world!!!)



Apologies for not sticking directly to the "Naughty/Nice" theme, but this behavior of the last couple of weeks jerked my shorts. I think these things breed in parking lots.


Drawaholics Badge!

Add this badge to your own blog or website to help promote Drawaholics and what you have been involved in (or following)! (sample in the left column) Click on the pic to make it big, right click and save. If you have blogger go to 'Design', then 'Page Elements', 'Add Gadget', upload this pic, and then in the link slot put: www.drawaholics.blogspot.com. This way people can click on the badge and it will take them right here!

Last CHALLENGE of 2011: Naughty or Nice

Happy Holidays everyone! I hope 2011 is wrapping up beautifully for you all and maybe we can squeeze in one more Drawaholics drawing. How about.. Naughty or Nice!

We'll be starting 2012 with random topics again. If you think of any ideas for challenges please email me or comment here. Or even if there are just general areas you would like to explore more please let me know that too!

I was also wondering if the 'Friday Inspirations' is something you would like me to keep up as well. That is when I post up an inspiring blog, demo videos or a book I found helpful. Pretty much anything that might spark some inspiration! I would love to keep this up, but only if you find it helpful and worth checking out.

Thanks everyone for posting your beautiful drawings this year! Looking forward to your creations in 2012!


My Pet Monster

Yes going back trying to play catch up, its been to long, this is my pet Beat-o-puss



The nedless job hunt. :P

and i colored my Pet Monster from months ago... i know... im slow.



Current challenge is, "LABOR," a theme foreign to my nature. Lots of connections, but ants, being the ambitious critters they are, seemed appropriate. I'm not seeing other posts, so shall refrain for awhile in the hope we'll see others' creations up here.


Funny Feet and Swollen Horn

While reviewing past challenges I became intrigued by the "Pet Monsters" theme. As usual, it wasn't long before I wandered off track. I'm now developing these characters for a gag panel which I'll probably publish next week on my website. Meanwhile, here they are.


My name's Kent and I'm a Drawaholic with no desire to be cured. This is my first blog---ever---and my first time here, so hope I don't screw it up too badly. Thank you, Jess, for the invitation to play in this wonderfully rich site.

My initial submission started with serious intent to study the wonderful info about Crocodile characteristics, but as usual I got distracted. "Alligator shoes" came to mind...

I'm lost.



Hey guys.. so the blog is kind of dieing down again. If you are still participating feel free to do a past challenge that you missed. I'll start posting new challenges in a couple of weeks. In the meantime I am going to finish redesigning the banner and delete any 'drawaholics' that have never posted.


CHALLENGE! September, Week 2: Past Challenge

It seems a lot of us have been busy lately and behind on drawing. Soo lets use this week to do a past challenge that you missed that you would like to do!


March, Week 4: Tania Sandroni - My Pet Monster

Hello to everybody! I'm new to this blog and I would like to start posting with a drawing for an old challenge.
I would like to tell you that this is a great blog and I hope to post soon some other drawings!
Here is My Pet Monster!!


CHALLENGE! August, Week 4: Mother Nature

Conan O'Brien the barbarian

I've read the novels, I've read the comics, I saw the films, I bought the soundtrack albums... I kinda like Mr C. Barbarian, and it's that bloke from Game of Thrones! I didn't realise. How good's that?



August wk1: Louie Jones - Real Life Toons

fiiiiiinally, another submission - i went for Dexter, from Dexter's Laboratory. might try to give him a legit color pass later on, might not :P could also be fun expanding the image to see his whole body

August, Week 1: Jess Morris - Real Life Toons

I can't decide which one to finish.. What do you guys think?


CHALLENGE - August, Week 1: Real Life Toons

So this week's challenge is taking a 2D/line drawn character such as Bugs Bunny or Peter Griffin and make them exist in real life. You can take it as realistic as you want! Just have fun! Here are some samples:

Mario + Luigi

by (can't find artists name)

Captain America meets...

Captain "America" rolls off the tongue quite nicely but I'm not so sure about captain... what's his face!!!


Friday Inspiration: Caricature Video Demo's

Whenever I am going to do a caricature I  jump over to Joe Bluhm's YouTube pages to get inspiration. I love his approach and how he talks through would he is doing. Check them out if you are looking for some inspiration!



July, Week 2: Jess Morris - Harry Potter

There are so many interesting characters in this series, but Hagrid is the one that has the most interesting shape to me and so much personality. I wanted to do a face study first and hopefully next to a full body one more characterized. With his pink umbrella and Fang of course!

July, Week 3: Captain America

Another good movie comes out this week, so lets do a tribute!


Friday Inspiration: Digital Painting Tutorial

I am starting something new and posting weekly inspirations. If you come across something that inspires you, please send me a link and I'll post it up a following week. Thanks for playing!

Digital Painting Tutorial
By Kevin Keele
Check it out at his blog!



June, Week 3: Jess Morris - Game of Thrones

FINALLY got around to doing a drawaholics post. The last couple weekends have been full of freelance work. I hope to do more sketches from Game of Thrones since there are so many interesting characters.. such a great show!

July, Week 2: Harry Potter

Anyone else going to see the midnight showing this thursday? I can't wait! Will be such a bitter sweet moment..


Hare-py 4th of July!

I drew this on my blog for Independence Day. For some reason that I can't remember, I decided to make July Rabbit month with some "Hare raising Tails", which is just me writing something random and absurd. (The spirit of Monty Python lives on!)


Wrong character, Mr Perlman!

To be honest I've never seen the series but I have seen the promos on FX. There's only so many hours in the day and as much as I'd like to watch them all I can't. Plus, I've got a soft spot for Poirot re-runs!!! I like switching from Dexter to Poirot, such a contrast !!!


June, Week 4: Sons of Anarchy

I am on a TV kick as of late (hope you don't mind me using them as topics), and Sons of Anarchy is a new favorite. Some great art pieces can spawn from that show!


Can you smell burning?

We're lucky enough to have seen Game of Thrones in old Blighty the day after it's shown in the States, usually we have to wait a month or so. I've always had a soft spot for all things fantasy and medieval so really enjoyed this and had to pick my jaw up off the floor at the ending. More please!!


June, Week 3: Game of Thrones

Way to bring the blog back to life Des! Great artwork!

This weeks topic is based on one of my new favorite tv shows, that has just wrapped up its first season, and a book series that has moved it's way to the top of my must read list: Game of Thrones. If you haven't seen it, check it out, its brilliant!

Mythical animals : Dragon

December 2010 : Dragon. My daughter loves Toothless, the main dragon in the film and watches it over and over. And no, she's not 7 years old, she's at university!!!! She's only just getting weened off Hannah Montana!!

Odd couples

May : week 2. Like U2 sang, "Better than the real thing", The 2 crazy looking princesses at that royal wedding looked like something out of a Tim Burton film and much more fun to watch than Wills and Kate. We're not all that mad in old Blighty!! Okay, we are, I admit it.

Musical inspiration

April : week 1. To quote Highlander (with perhaps less of the French accent and more Scotish!) There can be only one. James Patrick Page. How much air guitar I have I done listening to this guy!! Eye thenk ewe.


June, Week 2: Catch Up Week.. again.

Draw draw draw!


June, Week 1: Catch Up Week

Not many posts lately, so lets use this week to pick a past topic that you missed and was wanting to do.

I also wanted to bring to your attention the Muppet's T-shirt Design Challenge through Threadless. Check it out! It seems like it could be a lot of fun!


May, Week 5: Construction Workers

This is not a subject I would have though up on my own for something I want to draw, but these photo's were passed around work and I found them incredibly inspiring!


Australian Doomsday Cult...Travel?

I just finished this one on the Australian version of that doomsday Cult in America that reckons the world will end today. If Australians thought the world was going to end, we'd probably be happy to have a day off work:) I thought I could shoe horn it into the new theme of travel:)


May, Week 3 + 4: Travel

Hi folks!
I am very sorry for being so late on this weeks topic. I was out of town and didn't have access to the internet world. Hence this weeks topic: Travel. This will be the topic for next week as well so you have more then a couple days and also time for any past ones you would like to catch up on. Great work everyone! Keep drawin!



April, Wk4: Jess Morris - April Showers

I couldn't resist :)

May wk1: Louie Jones - Cinco de Mayo

still playing catch-up. here's my cinco de mayo sketch!



Musical Inspiration (Jazz Diva)

Bit late but I found this in the visual diary and although I didnt do it specifically for this challenge, thought I'd put it up as I havent had time to post anything in a while...



April, Week 4: April Showers-Raymond Betancourt

The Easter Bunny is not all that fond of April showers.


April, Week 3: Jess Morris - The 80s

The 80s for me was all about getting the perfect side pony tail, the Goonies and showing my little sister how to properly play with all of my toys. I have a couple more things I would like to do with this; more toys, New Kids on the Blocks poster, finalize the lines.. but I figured I should post what I have and make an attempt to catching up on some weeks I have missed!

CHALLENGE! April, Week 4: April Showers

I have to apologize for missing a couple really great potential themes last week.. This week lets acknowledge the last week of april with the theme: april showers!


April wk1: Louie Jones - Musical Inspiration

falling a little behind, but i'm starting to play catch up now. here's my musical inspiration. i was originally going to redo the Let it Be album cover in the fashion of Gorillaz' Demon Days, but ended up just turning in to a profile line up ;P




A Day At The Zoo

This is what I immediately thought of when I read the title. :)


My monster pet

Question is who is the monster :)


Day at the Zoo: Gavin

haha, i did this after i went to the zoo a little while back. my old roomate has a bulldog we affectionately call the hippo