Naughty or Nice

Dewey and Daphne...
sometimes i can never tell witch cat did what when i was away.
and there are nights where Dewey looks Evil as hell.
(that is if you dont know him, cus he is the biggest scaredy-cat in the world!!!)


Jess Morris said...

Really nice piece Jared! I love the contrast and simplicity of it. And I can totally see your cats in this :) I love it!

Louieville said...

niiiice! yeah mirroring what jess said, the simplicity goes a long way, great job!

shilo and daphne should a pillow fight :3

Jared said...
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Jared said...

Thanks guys! i really wanted to try something different. glad you liked it!
id love to see all them fluffy kittys in room :)