Last CHALLENGE of 2011: Naughty or Nice

Happy Holidays everyone! I hope 2011 is wrapping up beautifully for you all and maybe we can squeeze in one more Drawaholics drawing. How about.. Naughty or Nice!

We'll be starting 2012 with random topics again. If you think of any ideas for challenges please email me or comment here. Or even if there are just general areas you would like to explore more please let me know that too!

I was also wondering if the 'Friday Inspirations' is something you would like me to keep up as well. That is when I post up an inspiring blog, demo videos or a book I found helpful. Pretty much anything that might spark some inspiration! I would love to keep this up, but only if you find it helpful and worth checking out.

Thanks everyone for posting your beautiful drawings this year! Looking forward to your creations in 2012!


tom gibbons said...

Yeeeaahhhh,, ok, Naughty or Nice, i'm on it.
and yes, post books ,clips, photos that's all good !

Jess Morris said...
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Jess Morris said...

Awesome, can't wait to see!

Also, (and this is for everyone) on friday's please post your OWN inspirations as well! Anything you come across that you would like to share. This might be a good time to show other projects you are working on as well. Almost like a show and tell :) Hmm..

Alex said...

I think the idea of the "Friday Inspirations" is great. I'm new to this blog, but reading some old posts I've found them very helpful.