zebra and giraffe rendered - plemmers

jan wk4: Jesse Zeebs

Just so everyone knows. This is wrong. Zebra stripes go the other way. Careful.


Jan wk 3: Phil

I'm bad at this. Way behind!


Jan wk 3: Louie Jones

a little late (which i guarantee will happen a lot). giraffe!


January: Hoofed Animals, Week 4: Zebra

(new animal will be posted up Monday February 1st)

Jan wk3: Jess Morris Giraffe

Forcing myself to use my wacom...


Jan wk3: Brandon's Giraffe

I'll try to find time to do a full body.


Jan wk3: new chalk brush

Jan wk3: giraff's

jan wk3: Jesse Jiraffs


Jan wk 2: Phill

Hello! I didn't get much done this week. Next week Ill learn how to draw animals :)


January: Hoofed Animals, Week 3: Giraffes

(new animal will be posted up Monday January 25)

Still post your cattle drawings!!

jan weektwo: jesse v


Jan wk 2: Louie Jones

jess has me beat, i didn't even get around to a COUPLE sketches. only one. one late night-long horn. just so i can say that i did something :) HAH!


Jan wk 2: Jess Morris

Only had time for a couple quick sketches this week..


January: Hoofed Animals, Week 2: Cattle

(new animal will be posted up Monday January 18)


Welcome to the 2010 Drawing Challenge!

The main idea of this blog/group is to do at least one drawing a week and to inspire (or push and kick) each other to keep it up! The whole year will be animals with each month being a different category and each week being an animal from that category. New animals will be posted every Monday. The second idea of this blog is to have fun, inspire and be inspired! So go... draw draw draw!