Current challenge is, "LABOR," a theme foreign to my nature. Lots of connections, but ants, being the ambitious critters they are, seemed appropriate. I'm not seeing other posts, so shall refrain for awhile in the hope we'll see others' creations up here.


Jess Morris said...

Ahh nice.. when I was thinking up ideas for 'labor' something like this never even crossed my mind. Indeed the hardest workers out there! Another nice piece!

Kent said...

Jess, I've been holding off commenting in the hope others might jump in. Guess everyone's busy this time of year. So, what did you have in mind for the subject "LABOR?"

Jess Morris said...

Yeah, I think everyone is very busy this time of the year.. I know I am! Hopefully the relaunch will bring people back! I am not sure what I have in mind for labor. I think I was inspired of some beautiful photography of workers high up in buildings.