Friday Inspiration: Posebook

As artists we are always collecting reference and building libraries for anything we come across.. or at least I wish I was doing more of this! Well some one just made life a little bit easier for us artists! Steven Silver, a very talented and super nice character designer, came up with an application called Posebook.

The purpose of this book is to provide you with images to inspire you. A book dedicated to help guide every artist, to learn about, construction, form, balance anatomy, proportion, folds in clothing, gesture, silhouettes, portraiture, lighting, hands, perspective, and contrast. 

Two catches though.. There is a male and female version at $9.99 each, so it does cost some money. And the second thing is it only works on the iphone, ipad or android at the moment. Maybe it will be available in more formats soon? Anyways, I am in no way attached to Silver, so not trying to sell his product for him... but I do think this is a really neat reference to have and one I will be getting for sure!

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Jared said...

oh good find!