First time post

I just started playing and began to feel the bunnies like weird little lawn gnomes, old and decaying. Originally I was going to put fire and brimstone behind them, but then realized I was subconsciously copying the example image, so I moved them to a peaceful outdoor meadow of some kind under a soft purple sky (lame gradient tool) Then I decided to add the green lights inside for funsies.


Jess Morris said...

I would totally put these guys in my yard if they were real!.. and if I had a yard. I really like the idea and the colors! Nicely rendered too!

Louieville said...

dammit! my first thought was to do stone, so now i'll have to think of something else.. i actually thought the green was moss until i clicked on it! (and read your post)

glad to see you 'round these parts, will!