Billy Goat Finished

so here is the colour version, i hope to whip up my camel some time today
colour is not my best subject but this year want to colour a lot of my drawings

not sure if i should post here or edit my original post?


Jess Morris said...

This is great Leon! The color looks nice and created a really neat feel to the piece.

(and yes, do make a new post like you did, instead of updating your original post. That way it wont get missed!)

Leon Gittens said...

cool thanks had fun with this piece

Jedi ZOE said...

Leon this looks great!! I saw the first one you put up!! I love seeing the progression from black and white to color!
I'll be doing some challenges as well.. more like playing make up on the past few. ;0)

great work though cant wait to see more!


Leon Gittens said...

thanks ash for the kind words, now lets see your work up here