April, Week 4 & Disney Characters, off the set

Ive been bad at keeping up, so i'm posting 2 at one time, there quicker drawings then i would like but i need to catch up! so these be quickies. Bell walking the Beast,
My Sharkhog,


Louieville said...

looooove the disney piece, hahaha - really makes me want to see beast in motion, in his happy doggy trot :P

great stuff!

Jess Morris said...

Haha, I love your beauty and beast idea! I especially love beasts face!.. And the shark is terrifying, but really appealing! Awesome drawings Jared!!

Jared said...

Thanks guys! oh man id love to animate a 2d happy toting Beast... but that would be like Wicked hard!

Ted Warnock said...

Love the beast piece!