February: Primates, Week 4: Golden Lion Tamarin

This is our last week of Primates and then onto Insects. Wow, that will be quite the change of pace! (If you know any interesting insects that might be fun to draw please comment here or send me an email.) I did my best to choose a wide range of primates all the way from size and color to personality. For our last one lets do the Golden Lion Tamarin! I love these little guys! There are two different kinds. There is is main kind which is the all orange and then the Golden Headed kind which are black with some orange sections. Have fun!

(new animal will be posted up Monday March 1st)

I just wanted to say you all are doing an amazing job! It has been so fun seeing everyones interpretation of each animal week after week! If you fall behind on some weeks don't worry about it, life gets busy. I am a few behind myself.. Just catch up when you can or just pick up on which ever animal is current when you have time again. If you haven't submitted anything at all yet, don't be shy.. feel free to jump in whenever you feel comfortable! And if you are just an observer of this blog please leave a comment here and there. It's nice to know who is out there and definitely helps keeps us motivated. Those of you who have been commenting - you're awesome, thanks! Keep up the good work everyone!!


And if you are feeling super inspired this week, here are some bonus monkeys that are too good not to post:

Emperor Tamarin Monkey

Douc Langur Monkey

Golden Snub Nose Monkey

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