June: Dogs, Week 1: Huge Dogs

I am going to post next weeks inspiration early since I will be out of town through Monday. I am going to be less specific this month and let you choose the breed you want to draw, BUT this week will be huge dogs, next week will be big, then medium and then small. I will post up pictures for inspiration, but feel free to draw any breed in the dog family including wild dogs such as wolfs, coyotes or fox's as long as the adult version fits within the size limit for that week (meaning if you want to draw a puppy version of a dog that will grow huge for this week - feel free). Have fun!!

Great Dane
Irish Wolfhound
Saint Bernard
You all have been doing a great job on participating and commenting on each others work. Some of us, *ahem*, including myself have fallen behind. And that's ok! Catch up whenever you can or just jump back in and draw what inspires you. I am going camping this weekend and I hope to catch up on a lot of drawing. Doing anything fun this weekend?

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