patrick the orphan xeno child

I'm very late on this, but just had to do something for Alien week. Don't think this qualifies as a spoiler since you have to already have seen PROMETHEUS for this to even be a joke. :P


Jess Morris said...

LOL!!! I did see Prometheus and this is hilarious! I LOVE the alien drawing in the middle panel and the aunts expression at the end is priceless! Nice work Jimm! ...I WAS going to ask you what you thought of Prometheus, but this question seems to lead to dark places, ha. I love all the discussion happening over this film!

jimm pegan said...

Thanks, Jess! I was trying to give the xeno that "Fantastic Mr. Fox" look of a creature head crudely slapped onto a humanoid body since that's like the funniest thing to me, for some reason.

I really liked Prometheus but, like most people, I was pretty disappointed with the apparent shallowness of the characters and the many unanswered questions considering the fairly epic teasers and build-up preparing for the film. My feelings on it aren't strong enough to want to fight anyone about it, though. ;)

Now to get caught up on the couple weeks I missed since these topics are prit-ty great!

Jess Morris said...

I have a lot of drawings to catch up on too! I can't wait to see what you come up with!

(...we work together and I still haven't officially met you! I have seen you around, but always engaged in conversation and I am not one to interrupt :P)

jimm pegan said...

Yeah, meeting people isn't exactly a strength of mine, so I'll take most of the blame. Unfortunately, this isolated corner of the building doesn't facilitate much small talk between our departments either. o__o

Ted Warnock said...

Love it Jimm.