Thank you Jess, and whoever else suggested the theme of honoring a real American.  And, in my opinion, he was a genuinely real "hero" of the best kind:  An unassuming and accomplished patriot.
This work is a departure from my normal stuff.  I'm not as accomplished in these kinds of things as most of you, and am regularly humbled by your skills.  I am eager to see your contributions.


Jess Morris said...

Thanks for posting this Kent, a nice piece! He really was a true hero. I am still trying to think of an idea that I feel good about. I hope some others trickle in as well!

Kent said...

Thanks, Jess. I know this is a "drawing" site---"Drawaholics"---but I rolled from one set of images to another, and always came back to cartoon imagery. Just couldn't bring myself to do that for this theme.