Facebook Group instead of Blog?

I am all for changing with the times. Would making Drawaholics a Facebook group be easier to keep up with and stay involved?

It would look like this: https://www.facebook.com/groups/drawaholics/

Please vote to the right and if you have more thoughts, please comment here! Thank you!


Leon Gittens said...

both would be good, as i dont have a FB

Jess Morris said...

Cool, thanks for the feedback Leon! It's looking like we will do both.

gregizz said...

Hi Jess,

That would be easier to follow indeed, at least for those using FB.
Thanks for setting up the page!

Nicole Blume-Moellner said...

Facebook! :)

Jess Morris said...

The final verdict is BOTH!


I'll do my best to cross post when you all post drawings so everything is seen, but if you don't mind, help me out and post both on the blog and fb. Thank you!