CHALLENGE! July, Week 1: Favorite Bird

So this post is kind of an inspiration AND challenge post. I got turned onto Wicked Crispy, which is Jeff Victor's blog. He's a really talented artist that posts his life drawings, 'Classics of Crap', Actors roll line-ups, fan pieces and he also does these 30 day Challenges that are really fun to follow. I recommend joining him in this if you are up for the daily challenge! If you aren't quite there yet and are like me - trying my best to get out even a weekly drawing - I'll be borrowing some of his topics now and then from his challenge. I really like how he took a topic and pushed the idea into a way that I would have never thought of. Check out his blog to see some examples!

One of the things I like most about the topics he choose is that they all will reveal something about the artist. And I really like the idea of getting to know each other! So this week's challenge is: Favorite Bird.

And of course its 4th of July on Wednesday, so the BONUS challenge is an Independence Day piece.

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Leon Gittens said...

ooh lets see what i can come up with