CHALLENGE! July, Week 1: Favorite Bird

Well I know this is a bit late but here it is. This was part of a book that i worked on. I do like Brown horned owls and also looove peacocks. But this is what i have for ya!


Jared said...

Yeah you posted! great drawing, love how he kinda looks pissed off at the viewer.

Jess Morris said...

Nice pencil work and illustration! What book did you do this for? That's awesome! You should draw the peacock too!!

Louieville said...

great job! good to see you posting :)

Jedi ZOE said...

Awww Thanks you guys! Well I will try to draw the challenge every week. It might be in late at first but once I have a flow it will be on time. ;0) and I'm glad that I'm posting as well! :0D

Jedi ZOE said...

here is the books link.

barnes and noble link;


you can get it on amazon as well. kind of crazy really. ;0)