slender man kid

I know it's not technically a baby monster, but here's kid slender man creeping into your (yes, your!) bedroom while you're asleep.

If you don't know, the slender man an Internet-spawned urban legend creature who comes after mainly children and does ... something to them. It's not really clear. He is described as a tall, thin man in a suit with no face, supernaturally-long arms, and sometimes tentacles. He is most often found in foggy areas and forests where he can blend in with the trees, but has also been seen skulking around his victims' homes.

If you want to watch an insanely eerie chronicling of one guy's experiences involving the slender man, check out the MarbleHornets YouTube channel. It's how I was introduced to the monster (though I don't think he is given an actual name in the videos), and it still is probably the most deeply unsettling fictional series I've ever seen. Just drawing this picture weirded me out pretty hard. Hahaha.


Louieville said...

nice one! really strong image - i watched through the first few videos, creepy stuff! i'll have to set aside a chunk of time to make it through all of them :P

on a side note, "slender man kid" sounds so silly, haha - a slim, man-like child.. whole different kind of creepy

Jess Morris said...

I started watching these too, super creepy! And your piece.. even MORE creepy now! Awesome job on the creep factor and also playing with light to give your piece a intense feeling. Nice one!

Sunshineshelle said...

This is spooky & makes me spooked - very cool :)